Create memes — earn crypto in the new crypto economics — Memonomics 😜

Memes changed our world a while ago. Crypto is changing it the moment. But what’s similar between those things, Ha? If previously you were just sitting in front of a computer screen under your mom’s skirt, clicking the “like” buttons and viewing memes on the web, now you have more wider opportunities to keep doing so.

In the new crypto economics — Memonomics — everyone has a chance to become a crypto millionaire, making money at such trivial stuff as drinking beer, making fun of memes on the Internet and your impressions give away. Memonomics is a crap thing created by us just recently with an idea to incentivize 4chan creators and other holy cow inventors! kek

Here’s a piece of good news around that: we are announicing today — PEPE — meme token powered by PepepDAO. Yay! PepeDAO allows you to earn money on hodling PEPE, creating new memes and just frankly — have a fun🤘.

It’s simple: you create a meme, send it to PepeDAO, share it with your friends on social media — the more it collects impressions, comments, “likes” 👍👍, the more PEPE you earn. Subsequently, you can sell your memes as NFT-tokens. By sharing your crap with a 4chan like audience, you make money from it. And this is your chance to get a LAMBO with help of das cute frog!

The official launch is coming soon (expect to see something on 4/20) and you’ll be able to farm yield from that little nickel Frog for a very high interest those of you who will be pioneering this sheeeeeeeet 💩. Keep in touch, stay tuned, join our Telegram channel, subscribe to our Medium account, check our Roadmap and wait till yield farming dashboard with high rewards will be announced this month, happy to hear any of your feedback or thoughts. We’ll be back shortly with additional updates.

PEPE — the future of memenomics